Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First Day of Pre-K

"Momma - I got a green day" That is what I heard as I picked Divon & Zephan up from there first day of Pre-K. (Yep - another year of Pre-K - No, they didn't fail it!)

Although the teachers may consider not recommending them for kindergarten!

This year Divon & Zephan switched classrooms. Divon (in the blue T-shirt) has Ms. Hollingsworth and Zephan has Mrs. Merritt. Well, they both just squealed with delight at the fact that both teachers kept calling them by the other's name. Furthermore, they decided that they are going to switch classes tomorrow after recess and see if anybody notices.

Personally, I think they will get caught - not because I am plotting against them, but rather because they don't dress alike! Duh! - If they think far enough ahead to even wear the same shirt I will applaud their effort. However, I am guessing it will take at least a couple of months, if not years of plotting before they can get the twin switch down. Last year they considered it once.

On a separate note - I am sore from the mileage today. (I did managed to find a new pair of running shoes.) I would love to blame the soreness on the shoes, but I think I may have been pushing it a little hard this morning. ok, ok - you caught me... I skimped out on a day last week and I decided my punishment is to do an extra work out every week for a month. What it boils down to is that I only had one recovery day after our long run, which was another 4 miler.

In my infinite wisdom, I thought I would be ok. But, I think the shins need a couple extra icing sessions and I will be good to go.

Does Aqua Jogging count? In the hot-tub?? While sitting???

And just so all of you know - I am still running most workouts on the treadmill, but I have increased the pace.... did that help me up the hills this past Saturday... Yeah, not so much!

Honestly, I am a little timid of running on the streets at o-dark-thirty without a dog and ambulance in closs proximity! Ok, I am just scared of breaking the ankle AGAIN!

Urban-ization of Footwear - What a crock!

This past weekend, as part of the Team in Training training... ha! - Well, the training subject after our long run was running attire. We specifically dealt with footwear - and the official sponsor is The Finish Line - OK great! - They give us some classes, evaluate our gait and strike, and a discount if we purchase footwear there. Ok - good business. Bottom line though - they have crap for women's footwear for running.

I walked in and after the class they asked me what specific issues I had. Well, I have a high arch, I have broken my ankle twice in the past 16 months, I have sprained both ankles numerous times and I like a wider toebox. Do you want to hear what I heard?

"Oh, well ~ we don't have a wide selection of women's running shoes. We were urbanized this past summer, so we haven't received a lot of running shoes for women. We have them for men."

Let me get this straight - you are called the finish line?

Do I look like I want a clod - hoppin' man's running shoe?

OK -

Urbanization? So, what, the urbanites are no longer running from the bullets? - They're just gonna' do that Michael Jordan jump over them? Let's face it - the shoes that she showed me as far as what they have received in the past few months did not look like they had anything to do with business (attire) ~ so exactly who in Urbania are they marketing to?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Shake Your Booty

Originally uploaded by DoubleMomma.
Here they are. Whose genetics do they have? Can they shake their booties with the best of the brotha's - or do they have the white man can't dance genetic markers? Either way - they think they are the best little booty shakers around. Too Cute, t'boot.

Furthermore, if you stick yours out - they will play a little ditty on you "booty bongo drums"! Lovely!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Innocent - I think NOT!

First: Happy Birthday to my Dad, Joel - and my sister, Jess!! (I don't think they are completely innocent either!)

picture-h 067
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Yes, she looks adorable and innocent, but looks can be deceiving!

Let me expand your understanding of the here and now.... Just a few days ago we were getting ready to go run some errands. We had lots of things to do so I was in a hurry. Quick - Get your shoes on!, Quick - Find my keys!, Shoot - Where did I set that paperwork??, Fine - You have to go potty go upstairs while I get your snack, Quick - out the door kid-o's! - In the car - Seat belts buckled?

So, after we have been to the Farmer's Market to pick up some fruits and veggies, Daddy's Office for all of us to be adjusted, the other doctor's office to pick up paperwork so the twins can start school next week, and a few other stops I finally get to the gym for my workout....

OK - Everybody out! - Divon, open sister's door for her - Zephan, unbuckle her seatbelt - Oh, your crawling over to get out my side DD? - OK, come here....

What is that in my hand? Little mama is going commando today... all I got was a handful of bare butt!.... Man, she has been like this since we left home! Great!

What am I gonna' do when she turns 14? 16? CRAP! - I am so in for a lot of greys.... anybody know a cheap hair stylist/colorist???

Saturday, August 19, 2006

After the Run

Ok - From the top - Post long run #1... Just a question - can 4 miles kill a person?? Just joshin' - But I have decided that I have to do a little less treadmill running. Why? Because there was no little black belt to propel my butt up those hills on the Cape Fear River Trail. There also wasn't any fan blowing on me. Thank goodness for dri-weave! Yep - I am a little red! Anyway, the first two pictures are mild exagerations! But boy, I have really been taking it easy.

The twice broken ankle survived without injury - YEAH!

Dude - was that sky for real? It looks really nice, but whatever - add about 25 degrees - BALMY!!

Yes, I know lovely hair!! Thanks, but my stylist refused to come within 20 feet of me and my lovely sweaty self! And, like I even carry a comb in my car. Bottom line - I will be looking rough in many pictures....hmmmm, maybe I should carry a comb in my car.

So, enjoying seeing me do the dirty work - visit the site http://www.active.com/donate/tntenc/tntencHGustaf

First "Long Run"

I missed the "long" group run this morning because I have an 8 am class... I put long is quotes because it is a 4 miler.

A little background - I have been running 3 miles a day for 5 days a week... the training schedule for this week was 3miles on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and our "long" run today.

So, the group met at 8 while I was sippin' a cup o' joe in the cool classroom.... Now, noon - 30 degrees hotter I will be heading out for my run on the same trail. 2 out 2 back....

This is my before picture, (actually, this is the picture of what I looked like while the rest of the team was out training), but I will include my after photo in about another hour... Dude, I better be back in the a/c in about an hour.... Ok - here I go.

We will see if I am still putting long in its special form after we are done with this... Have a glass of lemonade while I sweat my tail off!!

Have I procastinated long enough........................................................................................

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Early Bird - I set the fuse a little short

So the fundraising site is ready... try http://www.active.com/donate/tntenc/tntencHGustaf - I will get a REAL link (as Erik would tell me) in another day... Because Hey - I am redesigning the whole layout - need some fresh tears shed over all this life changing stuff. The flickr pictures will be back in a couple of days... I'm working everything in between the classes, the interviews and the internship.... oh, and planning the wedding! Right, how could I forget that one?

The big kickoff party is still tomorrow... so I will post some pictures after that!

Just so y'all know - my pre-training workouts are kicking my butt!! Literally - it hurts to sit (no, there are no hemroids involved.) A couple of elementary teachers kicked my booty with a lunge workout yesterday and today we did a treadmill work out that they call their butt blaster. (If you were with me from my posts in Iraq - I probably will rename Curt's coffee that!) Anyway - Bottom line - Send a motrin along with your donation!

Hey get back up there and check out that site!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

'Cuz I'm TNT - Dino-might!

Big news!! No I am not pregnant with another set of twins - John would flip - hehehehe! I have taken the challenge to do another 26.2 miles all at one shot. Our official "Kick-off" is this Thursday. I am part of the Team in Training for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in our area. There will be more information on this and another site that you can visit to get your daily dose of "How much pain is Heather in today?" or "Ha Ha - I was inside sippin' lemonade while you were sweating out 5 miles in that 100 degree weather - hehehe!" Either way - it will be enjoyable and informative on what is going on in my life...

In Other News
I will be starting my internship - yeah, the unpaid one! Great, I don't even get the crappy cost of gas back! - as soon as the boys go back to pre-k. They didn't fail it!!! It is just that they are 4 and will be until January - even the private schools don't want them because their birthdays are 9 days after the deadline.... whatever - like I could afford a private school tuition for both of them and work unpaid!

Anyway - my internship will be with a major military hospital in the area that I used to work for, but this time I will be in charge of the people who used to be in charge of me!!!! I will rule the world!!! - Ok, so I went a little Pinky and the Brain on you for a second.... I am really excited about it though and coupled with the 6 classes and the marathon training - life is going to be a little hectic for a while, but I think that each part of it is worth the effort.

So, just a reminder - I am running with Team in Training - so I expect you all to log on to the site that I will launch on Thursday - throw in a couple dollars - YES - I AM COMMITTED TO RAISING $3500 FOR THE LEUKEMIA & LYMPHOMA SOCIETY! - Don't worry it is tax deductible and I will send you a receipt for your contribution - so - look back late Thursday or early Friday to see the new link...