Monday, September 26, 2005

School Picturer Takers: YOU SUCK!!

To all the picture takers who tromp into schools everyday - making sure my kid doesn't have boogers hanging out of his nose for his picture, making sure he doesn't color one of his teeth black so that I can tell the twins pictures apart, LETTING ME KNOW YOUR GOING TO INCLUDE EVERYTHING FROM THE TOP OF THEIR HEADS TO THE TIPS OF THEIR TOES IN THE FRAME - I HATE YOU!! Yeah, I would have appreciated knowing that you were taking a full body shot of my little princes! Maybe then I wouldn't have been so lax about letting them wear their open toed Power Ranger and Beach hoppin sandals with jeans, a button down long-sleeve shirt, tie and a VEST!! They look ridiculous!! Yeah, they looked a little silly goin' out the door that morning, but hey - I had a T-shirt for them to change into after they got their bust shot taken!! Who is in the wrong now??

OH YEAH, and thanks for making them smile so darn cute, even if they do look silly in their get-up! Yeah, the photographer knows I am a sucker - two poses of each of them AND two poses of them posing together!! You can't pass on a photo that will leave your entire family arguing for years over who is who in that photo! Their teachers already argued about it because Divon's little birthmark disappeared (in response to the bright light, I guess). Shoot, I even had to take a second look. (GET THIS!! - Daddy tells everyone that they are not identical - listen, Divon will still tell me that he is Zephan - AND HE MEANS IT!) Not too widely known fact about twins: just because they have separate sacks doesn't mean they are fraternal. If the egg split within the first 72 hours after fertilization - YOU GUESSED IT - you can have two embryos swimmin' around in their own, private pool!! Two sacks, Two babies, IDENTICAL TWINS. When this happens though, you won't know 'for sure' if they are identical or just really similar fraternal twins unless you have a DNA test performed. Well, there is your biology lesson for the day!

Once again, THANKS to all those bubble blowin', duck squeezin', "Say Cheez"in' school photographers! If no one else is able - YOU will keep our economy alive with what I am going to pay for those ridiculously cute photos!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

It's Been A Week Already??!!

Holy crappola! I haven't posted in a week... I guess that was a reality check! Time is flying by. (Yeah, Yeah - all the BS isn't letting me off the hook for my lackadasical bloggin'! I know!!)

This week has brought a lot of laughs - My little DD - she is two and KNOWS that she has BIG blue eyes... she will bat them at anyone to get her way. Well, momma has had to put her in her place a couple of times! She is almost two - and she is a tenacious two! This is a little woman who knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it done. Her eyes tell you everything about whether she approves or disapproves, or just doesn't care. I can't imagine where she got those qualities!! hehehehe! Lord, I was gone. Tenacity is genetic - this has proven it!

My little men - well, they are characters. Drama and charisma - Daddy and I are in for some ride with those two. The other day (they are only 3!) they wanted to switch classes for the day. Of course, I told them they cannot do that to their teachers. But, there was a part of me that wanted them to switch and see if they could pull it off! Man, I am just as bad as they are!

So, let me be honest with anyone who may still be checking in: I will post at least once a week, anything more than that is a bonus. But, I will try to leave more comments on your sites, rather than reading and running! Keep me laughing!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

OK, I hate my girlfriends...

He he he he... not so funny today am I??

Well, trying out a couple of wines with Christina was great, but it is the day after... Love ya' kiddos, what can I shove in your mouth to shut you up? - No, really - my kids are great, but they were whining as we left (they wanted to play in the pool), but it was nap time... and I had to start getting things ready for Monday (school for the boys, library for Dazjah and I - yeah! that means I shower in the morning!!!)

Quick review of the wines... we were trying Elderberry wines. They are something totally new to me. Johnathan and I tried one on Wednesday night when we had dinner with friends. It turned out to be delicious! The smell - well it smelled like red wine table vinegar - but the taste was completely different - tannins were on point (just enough that you knew they were there, but you didn't have to let the bottle breathe for an hour before you took your second sip) I believe it was called White Sambuka. This is one I will definately put on my table again and again! Last night we tried two more... another semi-sweet and a sweet. The semi-sweet, Elderberry wine, was good. Christina and I agreed that it would be great either with before dinner or transitioning from dinner to dessert. However, the sweet one (Muscadine) is not something I will ever try again. I normally enjoy the dessert and sweet wines, but not this one. Tried it at room temp and chilled - neither one had my boat floating... Christina though came up with a recipe for it - and applesauce to it and use it on pork chops! See why I love her!

So, I got about 2 hours of sleep last night - kiddos shot up at 6:15. Thank goodness Strawberries don't need to be cooked! Really, it was an excellent Sunday in spite of me and Christina cackling away with each other until O' Dark thirty this morning. Now, it is off to bed for me..... Sweet Dreams, Sleep Tight, Don't let the Bed Bugs Bite!!

Friday, September 16, 2005

So I love my girlfriends...

Ok - so me and my girl friend Christina - I love her for her true frienship she has always conveyed... - she liquored me up tonight. We had a great time... friendship, music, drinks, and talking about our men and kiddos... who could ask for anything more???

There were a lot of typos in those couple of sentences... you would have thought I was illiterate.. jhere 'l; show you,.... I woun't edict a couaple of sentecwas. hehehehe... Johnathan had a rugbt game today. I must admit... I was very impressed with his playing. Every time he received the rugby ball he charged forward. Much more than I could say for some of the other guys that were out there. BEAUTIFUL. Only down side is that Christina and I let our men go off and have a little party while she and I stayed here with the kiddos. I love 'em... don't get me wrong, but I would have loved to be with John tonight...

Christina is one of those girlfriends that you have to love.... she knows about being a momma - she knows how to pick a good wine - she knows how to pick a good wine (oops - I guess that you can see the affect of the wines we chose) - she is smart, and she knows how to let it all hang out after the kids have all gone to bed. I love her - she is one of the best gal pals you could come home to hang out with. (Both of out manly men love rugby.)

I didn't get around to SPF... sorry Curt and Eric... really, I have pictures...lots of 'em, but I am trying to get back in my swing of things. Eventually, I will include this as part of it.

OK, funky story for the day... I had to take the boys to the PX (Post Exchange) to go to the bathroom today, right after the rugby game that Bragg Rugby won. In the girls bathroom was a woman dressed up as Bugs Bunny. (Yeah, great! Buggs with a french manicure!) Well, the boys thought that was just SUPER! However, Daddy and the rest of the team and the fans needed explaining when the boys went back to the pitch and told them that there was a rabbit in the potty! For some reason, everyone thought that I had ran over a rabbit with my car. However, I managed to explain that no the boys had actually shared a bathroom with "the BUGS BUNNY". (I think she may have ridden the short bus though.) ...

I hope you all have a great weekend... it is late and I am feelin' great! dON'T WORRY i SENT YOU SOME eRIC AND cURT@! HEHEHEHEHE@1!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Repeat Offender

Well - as we can see, I haven't SPF in a while. I will get it done this week though! I pormise. Last week was Mid-Terms! Yes, Already. Business Law took up so much time. Good thing though - I aced the test!! (Just another point that proves my anal geekiness!)

Ok - here's my pet peeve to blog about today. We all know that Katrina was a real gold diggin' wench of a storm. But, Ophelia?? My children's schools have canceled school for tomorrow. I am glad to have the extra time with them, but c'mon! It is a level 1 - so it's gonna be a bit breezy in my neck of the woods, but other than that - the best they are giving us is a 40% chance of rain. 40% - that is it. Why? Because I don't live on the coast, because I don't own a $3 million dollar beach house that is going to fall down on it's 2x4 stilts that it is sitting on when a 10' wave hits it.... Why are the schools closing down for a 40% chance of rain?? What all of this really means is that I am now doomed because all the water, milk, bread, eggs, etc are going to be gone from the store tonight - so the boys are going to throw a fit when they can't have a PB&J snack because their silly momma didn't think a 40% chance of rain was going to make the store go dry. GRRRRRRRR!

Thats it - I'm done. Sign me up for SPF! Hopefully, I will get a little more out before then. (No promises yet, though!)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Okie-Dokie... I haven't quite got the schedule down, but tomaroow I will be posting some more pictures. My kids are such hams and I have just got to share. Hopefully the computer is all set up and will cooperate.

Quick story.... we are scolding inanimate objects. For example, this morning one of the twin boys hit his head on the care door as I was droping them off for pre-school. Instead of crying for 10 minutes about it, as soon as the mouth opens for the "I'm so pathetic" bawling I start disciplining the "bad car door". I tell it that it was bad and I will send it to it's room if it doesn't say it is sorry. At 3, the boys find this hilarious.

Well, Saturday we were swimming in the pool at a friends house. My kids are pretty darn good at telling me when they need to use the restroom. Zephan says he has to go. So we quickly dry off and trot into the bathroom. He's 3 - pretty good at the aiming, but not quite perfect yet. Sure enough, he drips a bit on the floor. He then procedes to tell his penis to "Be good, No dripping on the floor, If you don't stop you don't get any dessert!" What?? I just want to know what my son has been feeding his one eyed worm for dessert! I laughed so hard.

To top that off, Dazjah - my in-training pottier asked her daddy to lift her out of the pool. He did. She proceded to squat and do a bit more than just pass gas. Gotta' love the girl for recognizing that ya' party not pooty in the pool! Gosh, what a day for bathroom humor!