Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sore Spots

The gym is my friend, the gym is my friend, the gym is my friend... Maybe, if I keep repeating it I will believe it.

You got it. I am working at taking off all the pounds I want to put on at Christmas. (Not quite, but you'll understand in a moment.) This Christmas is my first Christmas home in a couple of years. Being deployed last year, DD and Johnathan were the only ones who were able to celebrate with my family. Johnathan loves Christmas with my family because "they do it right". Both my mother's mom & dad and my Dad's mom live in the same small community - as does about 100 of my other relatives (give or take 300! - hehehe). So, Christmas is a wonderful time to see every one and catch up. My brother and sister live close by - everyone is close so you can go visit them without having to jump in the car for another 500 miles or another trip to the airport. Needless to say - I am excited because it seems like forever since I have really been able to talk to them, much less see them. E-mailing and even handwritten letters do not make up for seeing them. AND the smell of the houses at Christmas...MMMMMMMM! Between all the cooking, the trees and THE SNOW!! I miss it.

The boys are so excited to see snow again. If we get it here - it is 6" or less and about once a season if we are lucky. But, remember the 40% chance of rain that caused the school closures here? That is even worse - let it be forcasted to freeze and mist - CLOSE EVERYTHING - BUY OUT ALL THE GROCERIES, STOCK PILE CANDLES, RAID THE PROPANE TANKS AROUND TOWN.... it goes nuts. Then if there is actually snow.... well, you can guess how silly it gets. Going back home just tells me that I am not nutso to think that these North Carolinians are a bit psycho when it comes to weather! (hehehe- sorry I still love all of you, you just WAY over react to FORCASTS!! Dude, they are rarely right anyway!)

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

the gym is my friend, the gym is my friend, the gym is my friend....

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Can You Say SUCKA'??

Yep, that's me - today I was a sucka'. With the boys in Pre-School, Dazjah and I go to the MotherRead time every week together. Usually it is me and 4-7 other mamas... we gab a little, we talk about our childhood, about lessons we teach our kiddos, about different parenting methods, read a children's book, talk about its underlying messages (yep, you got it - an I'm-a-big-girl-reading-and-analyzing-children's-books bookclub!). Anyway, this morning was the typical meeting until the time to leave approached.

Now, one thing I left out, this little MotherRead group meets at my kiddos pre-school.

Zephan's teacher comes in and asks if we are finished. Yep, I tell her that we are all on our way out and that we will be out of her hair momentarily. Silly me, I thought that she needed the room! No, No, No - She hints that we are leaving early this time... and then it comes... would you mind cutting out some pictures/figures that I had laminated. I figure, hey - I had planned on this taking another half hour anyway - sure I'll help her out!

I shoulduv' known!! Fifty - YES FIFTY - feet of laminated barnyard animals then procedes to be carried into the room. AND 2 pairs of scissors - so that I can cut with my right AND my left at the same time!! Lucky ME! - SUCKA'!!

Needless to say, we were there so long that DD had her first school lunch! She loved the grape juice!! AND she knows where the teachers hide their purses. She knows where the keys are hidden that open the snack cabinets. She even knows how to turn the laminating machine on! - Yes all this and she isn't even 2 yet! Bloody Brilliant little curly Sue - Me, I'm just a sucka'.

Oh, and did I mention that on my way into the classroom I was hit up to run a "fall festival booth"?? Who am I kidding, I will love playing Count the Pumpkins with 3 and 4 year-olds!! Shoot, I love saying 1,2,3,7 - hehehehe. By Monday I will have something figured out as to how I will be able to make it through counting from 1-20 over 80 times in 2 hours... ANY IDEAS?? SUCKA'

**DO NOT get me wrong, I love helping out my kiddos teachers, and I will love seeing their faces when they count the correct number of pumpkins - and I can give them prizes - then I AM THEIR HERO!! (along with the other 20 parents who will be running other booths). This is simply a blog about me laughing at my own poor time management/non-ability to say, "how about we set up a time when I can come in without my other cherub (DD) who will demolish the room while I assist you."

Sunday, October 23, 2005

B-A-D Timing

What does one wear to lunch with the General?? NOT SWEATS!!
Well - just another story of me and my wonderful timing in life will follow!!

As many around me know, Johnathan and I try to do lunch one day a week. Sometimes it falls on his early Tuesday and other times we just squeeze it in over his lunch hour. Dazjah is always with us, so it tends to be a kid friendly, a.k.a. VERY CASUAL, place. Well, last week, I got a little too comfy!

Johnathan called me at about 9-ish to see if we could have lunch together. It was a pretty good day, the only possible catch is that I would be coming from the gym. He said sweaty was fine - we were just going to a Indian place, the smell of the food would totally hide my sweat! *Yeah right!!* So, at the gym I did my usual 2 hour workout and did a quick re-fresh before heading out to lunch. One problem, forgot my bag with the change of clothes because Dazjah was acting like a booger when we left the house. I figure, no biggie - I have an extra pair of sweats (they have a little paint on them, but they are clean) in my car. Quick change and I am on my way to lunch with my sweetie!

I should have known that the lack of "real" clothes was only another omen .... First, the morning was just hectic; 2) when I walked into the gym Dazjah needed a massive clean-up before I could even start my work-out; 3)when I walked out of the gym the cell phone had 7 missed calls - That was the sign I should not have missed - I am lucky to receive 2 calls before lunch and both of them are usually from Johnathan; 4)When I showed up at the restaurant of choice, Johnathan had been waiting for a half-hour ~ if you knew him, you would understand that this makes hungry caveman very irritable. Blah, Blah, Blah - lets get in there and put some good Indian food in his tummy.

Everything is cool until Daddy and his baby girl go to the bathroom to wash their hands. I get up to get baby girls food and who should spot me but the General himself. General Granger, the one Erik, Curt and I worked for under in Iraq is eating at the little Indian dive! WHO KNEW??!! Well, he and his wife are a bit of social butterflies - as is expected for his position, but he calls me out! Worst part - I looked like the best of the white trash Fayettenam has to offer! They were graceful about it though - cordial and didn't even comment on my new grunge look! Even came over to the table when John and DD returned to meet the family - John in his office/doctorly attire, DD in her cute little 2-year-old girly girl outfit and gorgeous curls and me - in my sweats I use for painting, hair up in workout style fashion, and I am sure the sweet smell of sweat probably broke through my body spray.... yummy!

I am never one to dress up or down to run to the store for the emergency carton or eggs, or to make sure my make-up is just perfect before making the toast in the morning, but I will be darned if I make this mistake again - at least for not ... oh, say the next week or two!

By the way - I have started my next set of classes. My Managed Care and Medical Group Practice Management course has a lively instructor - my favorite quote from him thus far is, "Special is the new stupid."

We have done another day of work in DD's room - she now has something close to a Themed room - the walls are beautiful, the fairy/pixie border is up, there are porcelain pixies suspended from her ceiling, there is the wonderful "netting" draped around her bed, the curtains are hung... now if she would just sleep in there!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

White gets the Wipe

This is great!! I came home from the desert and Johnathan had painted a good 80% off all the walls in our house "country white". Now, you should also know that the other 20% are pretty much the exact same color, except there is a hint of grey in "the other white". I say - white is for toilet paper.... that is all it is good for - seeing if your rear end is clean enough to pull your pants back up. Get my drift??

Well, over the last couple of weeks I have been putting some color samples up on the kitchen cabinets, dragging home little pamphlets of room/color scheme ideas... you know how we women do it - subtle suggestions before we go for the knockout idea/punch! (hehehehe!) This morning I went out and purchased a very vivid blue for the kitchen cabinets. Now, don't worry I haven't lost my mind ~ it is only to trim the cabinets with.

I think the desert made me do it... all that time without water, my psyche just needs to feel like it is near. SO , I am going for a bit of a mediterranean feel, trimming the cabinets in vivid blue this week, painting a 1/2 of a wall a cool ocean greenish blue (analogous to the vivid blue) next week... slowly, but surely color will be a part of my life again.

In other breaking color news: Dazjah's room is no longer white either!! Nanny and her hubby J.C. came over Saturday and painted her room pink and purple. I LOVE IT!! I will love it even more when enough of the paint fumes leave her room so she can get out of our bed!! Naw... she is sooooo cute when she is sleeping, but John doesn't get any sleep because she tosses and turns so much!! Her room is a fairy theme! Hey the boys got Dr. Seuss characters hand painted all over their walls - she gets a little mysticism!

So, here I sit in pigtails with paint all over the place! And here is something to make those boys in Iraq jealous - I bought my second 12 pack of Guiness for less than $7 today! Man, am I a bargain drinker, or what??!! A cold, dark beer and paint fumes - who could ask for anything more??? Better turn the house fan on as well!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Random Thought Process

Last night, while talking to my sister in Nebraska, we started talking about my last blog. She also thought it was hilarious that a Pre-Pre Kindergarten program would have the photographer take full-body pictures. Whew - I wasn't going mad. But we also were discussing the scenery/background that was used. Boy, she hit the nail on the head on this one - they used a foresty background and the boys were posed on a bolder-like mass (whole different subject). So, not only were my children a mish-mash of fashion trends, they also screamed, "Hey look at me - I'm wearing half a suit in the middle of the wilderness!" Bloody Brilliant - Pass ME a guiness.

Here's another wonderful chuckle maker - my wonderful, kind, thoughtful HAIRY man did a major trim job yesterday. He has a beard, thank you very much. It had been a bit bushy and sinse he was speaking at a symposium today, he decided that he should trim it. Well, yesterday was my Business Law final - that meant I had to cram the studying, writing of my final papers (yeah, 2 of them because I am such a slacker!) and a short speech/presentation into just a couple of hours. Well, I managed all of that, but not without the help of a mountain dew AND a cherry vanilla pepsi! So, by the time class was over - I had to zoom home. (College campus bathrooms are the last place I think a wife/mother should use - I won't say anything more than: Who knows what you could pick up in those stalls!) I run upstairs to use my own bathroom and I find this beautiful, weird mass in the toilet - You guessed it, he shaved~ what had to be equal to an adult male lion's mane~ into our toilet. WHAT THE...?? 1) Obviously my sweetheart thinks that drains don't ever clog 2) ever heard of flushing?? Holy crappola - I laughed so hard I had to really hurry to unbutton those jeans! Gross and hilarious all at the same time... The irony though - he complains about the "Hair spiders" I infrequently leave in the shower - i.e. when the kids are screaming, "MAAAW MEEEEE- I want _________ (you fill in the blank)!"... Okay - so that happens almost everyday.