Thursday, July 20, 2006

Arena Football V. Rugby

Ok - so it is 7's season for the Ft. Bragg Rugby Football Club - so that means my honey is playing more because he loves the sprinting game. I though, like the arena football better. I think I get more laughs out of it.

The ruggers - you know what you get when you show up - it's social, there are drinks for every age, and there is the physical/sport side of it as well. It is a good thing - but it is blasted hot out there with 0 (ZERO) shade. Did someone say LOBSTER?

Arena Football on the other hand allows for a bit of tail-gaiting in the shade prior to the game - Cool. Then once inside you get all the other stuff that comes at the rugby game but with A/C!! Way Cool. Here are a few of the laughs I got from the Fayetteville Guard's Round 2 Playoff game this past Sunday:
1) Did you sleep in - like all the way through church? Not a problem - the half-time show was a church chior and mini-sermon/inspirational-come-to-our-church show. Sad part - a) wasn't that good, b)Dude, there was a reason I slept through church this morning, c)[Yeah, I know I am going to hell for this one] - the music could have been used by a stripper, but the lead singer should definately not have been the stripper - if you know what I mean.
2) Ok - the team is the Fayetteville Guard - the defensive coach wears mock BDUs, has dog tags and a very military high n' tight. The cheer leaders were camoflage tops, they have a guy who was released from active duty just a month or so ago - just to play with them (yeah, he is pretty darn good). What is one of there sponsorship notes? - "Support Operation Cease Fire..."


Good times....

All in all - I like 'em both. Although I will be happy when it is 15's again for the ruggers - that means cooler weather.

Oh, and a note to the Omaha Tourism Council - received your "things to do in Omaha" book - You left out the rugby!! Until it is also noted, John says he won't move there.... Please FIX!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Finals R Final

Well - It is time to celebrate - The evening classes are over until August!!! Break out a beer for ME! Well, not really - I am going home to relieve the sitter and after I get the cherubs in bed I am having a glass of Merlot! Yummmm! What has my anal attitude given me this semester - not butt bisters I will tell you that! No, really - things are looking great - should come out with nothing lower than an A-. Ok, one final kicked my butt because I went to the beach over the long weekend, otherwise it would have been A+ across the board. Now you can all send me my quarter (25 cents) for each passing grade!! Love Ya', Mean it!! - Hey, this wedding will not be the reason I go to the bank for a loan! hehehehe!

Furthermore - the beach left me very pink - but I am not peeling yet! What is it with peeling that crispy skin off that is so addictive? I am actually kind of mad that it hasn't started yet! And lets face it with my kiddos being a lovely latte they just turn more cafe instead of red. Yes, all I did was give birth and let them drink from the dairy bar for the first year of their life... other than that - there is no evidence that they are mine! Most people would argue that DD has colored eyes... well John's brother has green so I am almost completely convinced that she too is 98% him and 2% me (her hair isn't black - that's worth 2% right? Please?)

To my sister in S. Korea - DROP ME A COMMENT!!! (Lazy butt) hehehe! - I know you are enjoying yourself over there, but come on, be social!

And to my grandma - Ok - now I can hopefully indulge in actually finishing Atwood's book!