Thursday, September 10, 2009

UP - In the Middle of the Night

I have never claimed to be an I-need-8-solid-hours-of-sleep-to-be-functional type of girl.  Usually, it is more in the neighborhood of 4-6 and things are dandy.  There is one caveat to this - the bed has to be all mine!

DD does not seem to understand this concept, and she doesn't understand that the bed in her room is hers!  What is up with this?  She understands concepts like: death, marriage, even my (and Stephen Hawking's) beginning explanations on nuclear fusion and black holes.  We are getting ready to start debates on string theory and she can't get that she has her own bed for the entire night?  Does she think she is in some weird "other" world in which she can only spend 2-4 hours in her own bed and then must change camp sites? 

(Note:  I realize that there are times I only need four hours and if she sleeps four then you would think it would all be good.  However, my four hours starts a minimum of two hours after her four hours starts.... nice math problem - leaving me with about only 2 hours prior to infiltration.) 

What is a mom (yawn) to do?  If I owned Dunkin' Donuts - I'd be right on time to make the donuts.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Coffee Craving

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All that talk of tranquility has me craving some coffee!! It made me think of this photo that was taken when I was in Iraq. That mug is as big as my head and I would drink 1-3 of those a day while over there.

And I wonder why there is no quiet time in my house? How dare I!!

The Silence B4 the Storm

Divon Meditating
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When I see the kids do yoga - it is sureal in so many ways. Unreal is more like it. The kids are typical siblings - it is rarely the quiet and tranquility of this picture.

No the kids don't do yoga outdoors in a field of wildflowers with bunnies hopping beside them and a deer drinking at the pond 100 feet away. They do it twice a week inside a studio because all the wildflowers would have caused a run for the Benadryl, and Divon and Dazjah would be chasing the bunny to see if it's tail was really fluffy or just a marshmellow they could try to eat.

That being said, I always tell other moms that there kids are great when they come over - they always are - and it is becuase our children are on better behavior when they are at someone else's house, they don't know just how far the rules can bend and they don't try to see just how far they can push those limits for fear that I will hold them upside down by their ankles off my deck. (My children know this is an idle threat!) But this picture showed me that my kids can actually relax their bodies and minds prior to 8:30 pm. Not to mention, the boys can now touch their toes without a ruler in each hand! (No they can't stick their foot behind their head, but Dazjah can - and they may be able to before the end of the year, if they stop laughing long enough to really try!)