Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My Twinsley Men

Well, here are my two young gentlemen! Pretty sharp aren't they??!!

The funniest thing about this day was that after they got all dolled up to go off to pre-school - do you know what the first thing they did at school was? They put smocks on to paint and then went outside to run around and throw sand everywhere! Yep! They don't want to dress like this every day, but when they do, I take advantage of it. I think they look so handsome... what am I gonna' do when they get to be teenagers? Of course by then, the grunge look will be back "in"... so then I will have to give them extra gas money as a bribe to shave or something. But if they go grunge, I hope they wear dreads. WHY?? I just think they would look adorable in those as well!

To all those who agree with Johnathan that they aren't identical - go ahead, tell me who is who! I'll give you the answer in a couple of days!

Just FYI - This day at school the teachers had to remember who was wearing which tie! The fact that I parted their hair on opposite sides didn't help at all they said.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Other Halloween Participants

OK - so here is another one who dressed up... sorry I was behind the camera. Dontcha' love all the toys! Man - you can tell how daddy and the nanny kept the kids in-line while I was gone... Had to do some reverse brainwashing when I returned!! The best part about this picture is that Mr. T's hair on the top of his head was NEVER there before that night. As a matter of fact, it was on his chest until about 15 minutes before this picture. Yep! My man has a plethera of body hair... enough to shave off to make a mohawk AND to still keep a patch on his chest to look manly in a Halloween costume. And the Mardi Gras beads....well... Don't ask me how he got so many! I really don't want to venture a guess on that one. hehehehe!

Sorry to make this so abbreviated, but I do have to actually work on all that paperwork and projects I previousley blogged about.

Dazjah the Fairy Princess

Here was my little fairy princess on Halloween! See why we love her so much! She has just about finished off the last piece of her Halloween candy.

She is gettting ready to go into the 'haunted home' downstairs.... waaaaaahaaaaahaaaahaaaaa!

So, Halloween is over and Christmas is right around the corner. Where did Thanksgiving go? I swear the only reason we remember it in my house is because DD's birthday is right about that time. This year, we are having trouble scheduling her a party... between John's professional requirements and spending time with his family - shoot, it may be January before we have a real party for her. (Don't worry.... I won't make her wait that long!)

Anyway - this term is killing me with the hours required for all of my homework/case studies/MULTI page papers that are due. Every instructor thinks I should use the whole long Thanksgiving holiday to do an extra long assignment for their class! Needless to say - I should have volunteered to be the turkey. At least then I would have been evenly browned and enjoyable.... the way it is looking right now I will be pasty with blood shot eyes from typing up PowerPoint case study/business proposals and thesis papers. Oh well! This year I am just thankful for left-over turkey sandwiches and re-heatable green bean casserole and stuffing!

***For my more serious readers... No. Really I am ever so thankful to be able to be near (I mean geographically) my family. Spending the holidays with them is a huge treat after being the thousands of miles away from them last year. They mean the world to me. They have all my love and my support.... as evidence by my washing of puked on sheets, sweatpants, car seat covers, etc today from last nights episodes!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Yesterday was the day for all of the spooks to come out.... I am not talking about the kids in costume. (And, amazingly I am not talking about the freaky people who just weird me out!)

We (Zephan and Divon dressed as twin Green Lanterns - whoa - watch out world!, DD as a little fairy princess, Jasmine dressed as a magician, Grandpa Lu who insisted on calling DD an angel, Eli who is just always great company, and me!) were trick-or-treating in the neighborhood around Eli's house. Things are going pretty darn well! The kids are excited (expected) and the adults are all actually still awake and have a little perk in their step, but I think that is because it's a little chilly. We only trick-or-treated for about 3 blocks in all. Perfect for my little kiddos!

Kudos to Jasmine because at the first 3 or 4 houses DD just went up and said, "Happy ha-weennn!" However, she quickly caught on that you got candy if you stuck out your hand! So, the rule was - you can only get as many pieces of candy as you are years old at each house. I know, I am a major buzz kill - sugar buzz kill that is - hehehehe! She wouldn't put the piece of candy into her treat sack until we were at the next house. Somehow, she got the idea that they wouldn't give you another piece if they could already see one in your hand. So, it went something like this:
1) Walk to a house
2) Ring the doorbell
3)"Happy ha-ween"
4) Jasmine says, "She only gets one piece of candy" emphatically as she points to DD
5)DD gets her piece of candy and says, "Tank Oooo" with a nod and a bounce of her curls
6) DD scurries back to mommy and Eli with a great BIG smile
7)Holds someones hand to the next house
8)Brothers go up to the porch too quickly - DD starts crying
9)Momma quickly grabs her, asks her if she wants me to put the candy in the sack (DD says, "NO") and scurries her up to the steps
10)DD goes up the steps as fast as she can; she can see the candy
11) DD turns around and yells to momma to come get the candy
12)Momma runs up to get the candy out of her hot little princess paw

**Repeat steps 3-12 for the next 2 blocks - Yes we tried to change it up, but she was set on doing it that way!

On to the sHalloweenies - I do not mind the people who just don't "do" Halloween. Whatever, I don't "do" Boxing Day. But there were a couple of people who really got my goat the other night - I wish I had my broomstick with me! Let me give you an example of a sHalloweenie - guy in his 30's was outside, on his driveway wasking his car. I should have known this was a crock - nobody washes their car in the pitch black of the night (8pm) in their driveway. He couldn't see if he had gotten the mud, blood, or whatever else off - who was he kidding?? His porch light was on - so the kiddos go up with the usual fanfare. He yells out - "I don't celebrate Halloween." Fine, and in fitting form grandpa Lu hands him a book on church and something about heaven.

For all those who were annoyed by the trick-or-treaters last night - TURN OFF YOUR PORCH LIGHT if you don't want to be bothered. Does it have to be published etiquette to get the drift of what all your neighbors who aren't handing out candy do on October 31st?? Fine, I published it. Better luck next year! I promise you that if you don't have your porch light on, me and my kids will not knock, ring your door bell, pound on your walls, or yell through a bull-horn to get you to come out and tell us you don't have any candy. PROMISE! Scouts Honor!

OK - I am going off track here.... along with the dude "washing his car" on halloween - I have a thing with people who don't read Harry Potter due to religious reasons, but you'll read your kids stories about animals that talk, have professions, maybe even a super power. What is with you people?, you jump on any band wagon that you hear about to try to sound all righteous. Bull! Get your morals, ethics, and spirituality in check and do some thinking for yourself. Fine if you don't want your kids to read books on magic, but what the heck is that same child watching on TV any day of the week? Super powers are SO much different than magic! Yeah, I'll buy that when Harry turns you into a little warty frog!

Happy Halloween! DON'T BE A sHALLOWEENIE - next year I am posting a sign to that effect in your yard!