Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Here they are... loving the snow that we received this week. Although it was only about 6", schools were closed for the past two days. Honestly though - I like that the kids were able to experience it instead of sitting around in class day dreaming about snowmen, snowballs, and snow angels. DD had just been harping on me about how it wasn't winter. Her logic was that it snowed in the winter and we didn't ever have any snow. Therefore, it wasn't winter.

Ding, ding, ding - we have a grand prize winner. DD your fabulous prize is...... WINTER!

Today in addition to honing our snowball making skills and having a snowball fight with the neighbors, we also talked about icicles. We talked about why we didn't have them yesterday, but why we had some nice big ones this morning. We took a walk around the neighborhood and talked about icicles and snow on mailboxes. I know that sounds so interesting! However, we talked about why the plastic mailboxes didn't have snow or icicles left on them but the metal ones did. We talked about why there were icicles only on one side - even though the mailbox was level. We talked about how there was up to 2" of snow on one side of the mailbox, but on the top and other side there was little if any.... it was interesting conversation and my little men proved to me why there teachers say they always ask great questions. (Yeah, I am biased... )

It was wonderful to let them all experience some of this weather and all the fun that snow can bring. However, there was a large part of me that desperately wants to sweep them all up and hall them closer to my home - where they would get a large dose of winter - and the chill that comes with it - every year. Hey, I have got to teach these kids what cold weather is - 40 degrees is only on the chilly side of nice, not "pull out the sweaters, long johns, and heavy down coats freezing."

I have a few more pictures posted on my flickr... check it out to see more of the kids and their snowball eating - I mean making - experiences from the past two days.