Thursday, August 25, 2005

Back to Life

The transition is almost complete... I am back in the US and that makes not only me happy - but also my romantic guy and our wonderful cherubs. This has been a process. The first week or two back - I didn't want to talk to anyone. Well, not anyone other than John and the kids. That made for some hard feelings from John's father. My mom was pretty good about understanding it though... probably because she is use to my independent ways. HOWEVER, I am finally back to the land of the living, breathing, talking people. I guess the fact that I had to talk to get into college again, find a sitter, and get the boys started in pre-school is a good thing. Otherwise, everyone might have thought that my tongue was cut out while I was over in Iraq. I would have never had to talk again... everyone would have thought that I had just became a mute... some people become vegetarians - I became a mute!

The kids are great!! They make me smile and laugh SO much. I think I have taken about 100 pictures that are crap, but it is just my responce to being so glad to see them. I was always the picture taker of our little family. You don't see me in many of them because of that. Johnathan - I love him, but the man cannot take a centered picture of jumping, wiggling children. I have seen his pics from his trip to Israel - I thought he was photogenious!! Not so much with the kids. Well, I am not making this too long... this is my study break from one of my 15 papers for this "in-depth" Business Law class.... WHAT WAS I THINKING?? I came back from working with objects that didn't talk (the computers, Not Eric and Curt) to a class that constantly wants to here the voice of reason from every participant. Great - now I really want to cut my tongue out!

I'm back! Let me know if you are still listening! (That's my way of asking for a "welcome back!!")