Saturday, June 02, 2007

Spa Chicks® Buzz & Bubbles: Prenatal Pampering with Mama Spa!

Spa Chicks® Buzz & Bubbles: Prenatal Pampering with Mama Spa!

In addition to Health & Harmony's website - - I wish I had both of them when I was pregnant with the twins!

How Many Miles to Insanity?

If gas prices go up any further I am strapping a balloon to my butt and heading to Taco Bell. Now there is a way to cature our own 'natural resources'.

John called me the other day and told me that we can make gasoline in our own kitchen. Well, why in the world haven't we started that business? I mean, if I sat in the kitchen brewing up gas and then had the kids sit out on the front lawn with an updated version of a lemonade stand, only it would be gasoline by the cup or pint - maybe a gallon at a time. We could be the next multi-billionaire family in America. Right? What were those ingredients again? RIGHT

Besides, I know that I love the smell of gas so much that I would love my house to smell like it. I mean, I go to the gas station to see how much I can get on my hands. I love coming to work and when I get tired of the smell, it washes right off. And the vapors - my children would reap ALL the rewards of living in those 24/7. I have read the studies on gasoline's vapors and how positively they effect young brain development.

I agree with John - gas prices are crazy. (And no, I really don't care what they pay in Europe or Japan. I don't compare the cost of good beer or electronics, so lets not go there.) However, he needs to build a completely separate building if he thinks he wants to start making his own gasoline. FINAL ANSWER - NO DEAL.


On a much more serious note: The kids are being baptized tomorrow. It will be at Saint James Lutheran Church here in Fayetteville. The boys will then be on the fast track to first communion. The little church that I grew up in did things a bit differently. First communion was not received until you were Confirmed. So, although this process is different the boys are loving it! They tell me that they understand what the bread and wine represent. However, they also do not think that it is fair that I get a snack during church from Pastor Louise and they don't. Well, I think that says a little something about their motivation in all of this, doesn't it?!!

For a final quote: Everyone should have kids. They are the greatest joy in the world. But they are also terrorists. You'll realize this as soon as they are born, and they start using sleep deprivation to break you. -- Ray Romano

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Just a Little Corgi Pig

About a month ago, Divon came up to me with his almost asleep eyes, and a very dreamy voice and said, "Mommy can you leave a puppy under my pillow tonight? That would be a good idea."

Well, yesterday - while typing and feeding the poor to my little heart's content one of the parishoners came in and spoke with Father Ray. Well, after leaving Father Ray approached me and asked me if we would like a dog - Free - Including all his paperwork because he is a pure bread Pembroke Corgi.

Well, it didn't take a lot of arm twisting, but I finally called. Do you know what happened in that hour between when she left and when I called - She had decided she just might keep him for herself! Well, after about 4-5 calls back and forth, she called and told me that it was probably too soon for her to commit to another dog, for she had just lost hers a few weeks back.

So, after work I went and picked up DD. We went down to the Women's Center, that is where she was keeping the dog until she found a family for it. DD and I went in and there was this cute little puppy that just jumped up and licked DD. DD was smitten. She started playing with HER. I was introduced to two dogs, brother and sister. One was Bella (who DD adored within seconds of meeting her) and the other was a lolly-gagging Sarge. He was just kind of "dollopy" - all he wanted to do was lay down under the table or just be held and cuddled. Well, you can guess which one we walked out with! (I think Sarge may just have went home with the lady who first contacted us about him, for she was relaxing in the chair just cuddling and lovin' up on him when we left.)

So, DD and I went home with Bella - She has attacked green leaves, brown leaves, pine needles, pine cones and sticks. She does not seem to have any intrest in fetching anything - unless it is Zephan's smelly sandahl. She attacked the grass so hard last night that she pulled it out by the roots! Boy, did she show that grass who was boss. (She is 11 weeks old - this is going to be FUN!) Daddy came home from work - and she didn't even bark at him. (He loved this! She is the first dog we have taken in who really likes him!)

Final note: Divon is so in love with this little pup that he slept on the floor with her last night so that she wouldn't be lonely. Which lead to Zephan sleeping there also so that he would not be alone in his bed. So, of course DD couldn't be left out. Great - I paid for a bunk bed and a separate twin for DD, and they all sleep on a rug on the floor. What country are we in??

Monday, March 19, 2007

What is the Past Tense of "to Vomit"??

When I think of upchucking - I think of my young adult days. I think about when bowing to the porcelain goddess made my stomach feel SOOOOO much better. Maybe I had eaten the wrong combination of food before indulging. Maybe I had indulged too quickly without enough in my stomach. Maybe, just maybe, I had indulged a little too much. - Whatever the reason, tossing my cookies has almost always brought instant relief. Even when it was a stomach bug - when I was finally able to retch - boy did I feel better.

This is not the case with my daughter. She seems to be able to gag on command. From a mother with alsmost NO gag reflex, is a daughter who blows chunks whenever, and where ever she decides she should.

Yes, last week DD had a stomach bug. I was in vomit up to my armpits. (Which. if I had a gag reflex would have had me spewing as well.) Of course, she gets this trait from her father, because he would have heaved melted milk duds if I had made him clean it up. I know, I know - GROSS.

Well, there was my wonderful end of last week and this weekend!! - Hope you all enjoyed the kaleidoscope of words and phrases used for the disgusting action!

For those who are only reading because of all the 'puking' references -

Irish Proverbs: Drinking
A man takes a drink, the drink takes a drink, the drink takes the man.

It’s the first drop that destroys you, there’s no harm at all in the last.

If it’s drowning you’re after, don’t torment yourself with shallow water.

(Happy St. Paddy's Day!!)

For my family -

The kids have Easter pictures that we are sending your way. They are in no way 'perfect' so you can expect a good laugh!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Not Lazy, Just a Little Chaotic

OK - So they are more like opposites than complementing excuses! -

Dazjah started "school" yesterday. She loves it, her teachers love her (so far), and John and I know that she is SO ready for it. She has had a backpack for school for over a year now. The backpack now holds only one doll and a change of clothes incase she spills or starts a mud fight on the playground. The teachers say the extra clothes are in case she has an accident, there are no accidents with Dazjah. I have seen her wipe oatmeal on her shirt so that she could go change AGAIN! - What is it about little girls??

OK - Here is another DDMN - Dazjah is Driving Me Nuts! - The other day Zephan was talking to me in the car. He told me that he had changed his mind. He no longer wanted to be a policeman. He now wants to be a scientist. GREAT! Well, then Dazjah pipes in. "Mommy, I changed my mind too!"

"You did? What do you want to be now?" I reply.

"I want to be a buyer of clothes."

This made me wonder, was she going to be a professional shoplifter and has now changed her mind??? All kidding aside, I attribute this to her desire to wear sundresses in the dead of winter, change clothes as many times in a day as she can sneak in, and her Auntie Danielle. Johnathan's sister buys and sells all sorts of girly wear. Dazjah would love to try on all those clothes. Too bad she doesn't have a kids line out!

My father use to always say "Famous Last Words" when I said I was going to do some chore that any teen in their right mind would let themselves be distracted from. So, for him, here are some REAL Famous Last Words: Arnold Rothstein, a.k.a. Mr. Big. In response to questioning by the police about who had shot him. He was also known the fortune he made in the 1919 World Series fix. "Me mudder did it."

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Workin for Jesus

I know, I know... how lazy can one person be? Well, when it comes to blogging - pretty lazy!

I am getting close to graduating and have officially started the job hunt - anyone willing to pay 6 figures?

What is the latest BIG news... well, I have accepted a part-time job working in the church office of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church! As best as I can figure, I have full-time access to forgiveness!

To my wonderful family - yes, I am still alive. I will try to get some newer pictures of the kiddos up tomorrow - or early next week. Hey there are a lot of naked, starving people that I am in charge of helping!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Thanks to the numerous people who sent contributions for the Marathon!! S

Your receipts will be in the mail tomorrow! Thanks SO much!!