Monday, September 29, 2008

No Pictures, Just Chatter

These past couple of weeks have been something else! I will post pictures of the car accident in a couple of days. Yes, the kids were with me! Fortunately, we are all still walking and talking.

I will share with you an email I recently sent to my sister....

My old cell was fried by lightning and I don't have any of the numbers that were in it. Would you please send me your number, mom's number, dad's numbers, Heath's number, etc..... Anyone else you can think of. I have the same phone number, it is just that all the numbers I had in my phone were completely obliterated.

And yes, the phone was struck by lightning while only 4 inches from my hand.... well, not quite.

Actually there wasn't even lightning. As a matter of fact, it could better be described as a mother carrying too many things out the door as she was getting all the kids off to school when she put all the items for recycling in the same hand as her phone and she put them all in the recycling bin and left home. Then, when she came back an hour and a half later, the recycling truck had already came and emptied the recycling bin. Yeah, that describes it a little more acurately.