Wednesday, March 04, 2009

More Soup Please!

This is how viciously my children protect their food. Note the "touch it and die" look on DD's face, the amazingly awesome block by Divon, and the kung-fu punch you would receive from Zephan.
The kids are very excited that I was the "selectee of choice" for the Kansas position. They are very anxious to move to Kansas so that they can be closer to their Nebraska cousins - Chayse and Tuker. Of course, they are also very interested in what Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun have to offer as well. I guess it is time to do all those things here that I had been putting off. Nothing huge - but the typical one more trip to the beach, some other sights in and around North Carolina that are interesting and fun for a weekend trip, and lots of pictures. Needless to say, I have begun to put together weekend plans for excursions. In a few weeks we will be going to the Museum of Life and Science up in Raleigh. There is a trip to a mysterious and fun house - I will give you the details when we get back. As spring progresses we will return for another hike at Raven Rock and other NC parks. All-in-all there will be plenty more to write about and a plethora of pictures to share...
We have plenty of plans for visiting our east coast family, too. We have scheduled Christmas in New York at Auntie Danielle's place- the kids are super excited anytime we mention New York becuase they know that means they will get to see their cousins Xavier, Sebastian and Savannah. There will be adventures with Grandpa Lu - usually meaning arcade or video games, and we will be attending more rugby games with daddy this spring and summer.