Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bumper Sticker Heaven

There are days that people just aggravate you. Today wasn't one of them for me.

There are people who just annoy you no matter what they do or say. No matter how "kindly they mean it". (Yeah, right! There is a reason you pick up on the sarcastic vibe - I swear!) Right now, I also am not agitated by anyone like that.

So why did the bumper sticker I read today make me chuckle irrepressibly?

First, I know I have seen this bumper sticker before, but today it just touched me!

"Support your Local Under Taker - DROP DEAD"

It has been quite a while since I have been to a funeral or had any dealings with an under taker... maybe that is why it hit my funny bone. Maybe it is because I wish I had it when I was in Iraq. In retrospect, it seems a fitting response to many people and situations.

However, I could never actually say it to anyone. Not that I am a witch, but I would feel really guilty if I said it to someone and they did. But.... maybe I am a witch... the few people I have told to "go to hell" are deffinately there or on their way. Was that really me though... I think not - you pretty much deem yourself worthy of hell, right? OK - so either it is their fault - or I am Satan and am picking my own army. (The people I have told to venture south would probably think that the latter option was correct. - Oh, well!)

Maybe its the running. Its gotta' be the running that has me thinking so deeply about a blasted bumper sticker!