Thursday, April 05, 2007

Just a Little Corgi Pig

About a month ago, Divon came up to me with his almost asleep eyes, and a very dreamy voice and said, "Mommy can you leave a puppy under my pillow tonight? That would be a good idea."

Well, yesterday - while typing and feeding the poor to my little heart's content one of the parishoners came in and spoke with Father Ray. Well, after leaving Father Ray approached me and asked me if we would like a dog - Free - Including all his paperwork because he is a pure bread Pembroke Corgi.

Well, it didn't take a lot of arm twisting, but I finally called. Do you know what happened in that hour between when she left and when I called - She had decided she just might keep him for herself! Well, after about 4-5 calls back and forth, she called and told me that it was probably too soon for her to commit to another dog, for she had just lost hers a few weeks back.

So, after work I went and picked up DD. We went down to the Women's Center, that is where she was keeping the dog until she found a family for it. DD and I went in and there was this cute little puppy that just jumped up and licked DD. DD was smitten. She started playing with HER. I was introduced to two dogs, brother and sister. One was Bella (who DD adored within seconds of meeting her) and the other was a lolly-gagging Sarge. He was just kind of "dollopy" - all he wanted to do was lay down under the table or just be held and cuddled. Well, you can guess which one we walked out with! (I think Sarge may just have went home with the lady who first contacted us about him, for she was relaxing in the chair just cuddling and lovin' up on him when we left.)

So, DD and I went home with Bella - She has attacked green leaves, brown leaves, pine needles, pine cones and sticks. She does not seem to have any intrest in fetching anything - unless it is Zephan's smelly sandahl. She attacked the grass so hard last night that she pulled it out by the roots! Boy, did she show that grass who was boss. (She is 11 weeks old - this is going to be FUN!) Daddy came home from work - and she didn't even bark at him. (He loved this! She is the first dog we have taken in who really likes him!)

Final note: Divon is so in love with this little pup that he slept on the floor with her last night so that she wouldn't be lonely. Which lead to Zephan sleeping there also so that he would not be alone in his bed. So, of course DD couldn't be left out. Great - I paid for a bunk bed and a separate twin for DD, and they all sleep on a rug on the floor. What country are we in??