Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Things that ticked me off today...

...Kids not listening - GET ON YOUR SHOES!

...Guy in traffic who thought I should go 55 in the 35mph school zone and honked, flicked lights, and probably gave me a few parting gestures

...2 dish installation guys who said they would be at my house between 8am and noon.... LIARS - noon to 3pm

...kid with the squirts

...daddy who refuses to clean up kid with the squirts mess (Yeah, momma's love the smell. We get all gripy if you don't let us deal with it. )

...the other parents who couldn't follow directions so they took 45 minutes to make a little ball of playdough (add the water slowly - unless you wanted cake batter)

...new fangled ladders - can I just get one that will let me paint the corner of my dining room - not one that unfolds in 15 different places and each one has its own keypad to unlock and voice activation requirement before you step on the first rung.... (OK, it didn't have quite all of that - BUT ALMOST!)

...dish installation guys who managed to knock over a new set of sprouting seedlings that were 10 feet from anywhere they should have been.

OK - yep, the dish installation guys pissed me off, but in their defense they gave Johnathan his rugby station - Setanta. What did they give me? Nadda' - Ok, maybe a way to watch 50 First Dates a billion times - love that DVR!

Today was typical - except that I was stuck at home this morning waiting for the dish install men to show up - then running my butt off to get the boys at school, get to a parent meeting, followed by being late for a test, followed by cramming for another one. Man - I can't wait for tomorrow!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Momma, I have to go spread my nuts!

This is what Divon told me the other night. Of course, as a mother who still has to tell him which shoe goes on which foot, I found this statement pushed him a bit ahead of others in his age group.

Well, to let you all know what was really going on - he had sesame seeds in his hand. He was referring to them as "his nuts". And he was going outside to spread them on the ground for the birds or squirrels to eat. So environmentally conscientious, my little man!

Whew! (I know that is what you are thinking, as was I!)

The other part of the story is that Johnathan and I were grilling. We had some sesame oil, fresh grated ginger, sesame "nuts", soy sauce, dark brown sugar - maybe a couple of other ingredients - in the merinade for the chicken. Well, while I was taking Johnathan his refreshing beverage of choice Chef Divon added another half jar of sesame "nuts" and some KETCHUP! (The ketchup was not only in the merinade, but also streaked across my freshly painted cabinets!) John and I thought it might throw off the flavor we were going for, but hey - the kid is a grillin' guru - It turned out great. Personally, I think it is because the majority of the ketchup was spewed across my kitchen cabinets.