Thursday, September 10, 2009

UP - In the Middle of the Night

I have never claimed to be an I-need-8-solid-hours-of-sleep-to-be-functional type of girl.  Usually, it is more in the neighborhood of 4-6 and things are dandy.  There is one caveat to this - the bed has to be all mine!

DD does not seem to understand this concept, and she doesn't understand that the bed in her room is hers!  What is up with this?  She understands concepts like: death, marriage, even my (and Stephen Hawking's) beginning explanations on nuclear fusion and black holes.  We are getting ready to start debates on string theory and she can't get that she has her own bed for the entire night?  Does she think she is in some weird "other" world in which she can only spend 2-4 hours in her own bed and then must change camp sites? 

(Note:  I realize that there are times I only need four hours and if she sleeps four then you would think it would all be good.  However, my four hours starts a minimum of two hours after her four hours starts.... nice math problem - leaving me with about only 2 hours prior to infiltration.) 

What is a mom (yawn) to do?  If I owned Dunkin' Donuts - I'd be right on time to make the donuts.

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