Friday, March 15, 2013

Making Popcorn from Scratch!

Well, living in this new country has us in a conundrum on a weekly basis.  A few weeks ago, we finally got the popcorn topping the hubby likes.  (He had to bring it back from the US with him, as we have not been able to find it here.)  So that presented the next challenges - Finding Popcorn and Learning how to Pop IT! 

He quickly found the raw popcorn at our local Hero (market).  It looked like popcorn kernels.  It was labeled as popcorn kernels - but I still had my doubts about it popping like popcorn kernels!

Well - I quickly found a great "recipe" or directions for homemade popcorn.  Seriously, I can't believe I had to go look for one, but I wasn't sure on the oil to kernels ratio.  The one I found is great.  It has you heat the oil with only a few kernels in the pan, then when they pop - you add the remaining bulk of the kernels - turn off the heat for 30 sec. - then resume heating/popping.  It works like a charm!  We have VERY FEW unpopped kernels.  (We used sunflower oil - in case you were wondering.  3 Tbs to 1/3c. popcorn kernels.)

I have become accustomed to microwave popcorn.  Before I began microwaving popcorn (what? 20 years ago?) we had an air popper.  I don't know that I have ever popped popcorn from scratch in my entire life before this.  The kids just think it is great that it still pops up like microwave popcorn and love that we make it so that the lid starts coming off the pan as we near the end of the popping.  They love seeing that huge pan fill - and almost overflow - with fresh, piping hot popcorn. 

Add dried cranberries - and I am one happy momma! 

Hmmm... What other crazy dried goods from this country can I try???

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