Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Daughter, His Son

So the hubby has this burning need to have a son who plays rugby.  Well, I gave him two sons - twins none the less.  It was his job to then instill in them the desire and need to play this sport that he loves so much.  Daddy-o's dream was to have a dynamic duo that would make all other rugby fans and players take note and need autographs wherever they went...

Well, after years of prodding, "mentoring" and begging... neither of the boys really like rugby.  One of the twins told said father about this decision a month or so ago.  Said father was grumpy for the rest of the week.  The other twin likes rugby, but doesn't love it.  He likes to go practice, but isn't so big on playing in matches.  The other twin dropped this bomb on his father this week. 

I could see grumpy daddy coming back - the kids don't like him and neither do I.  So, half-heartedly - I reminded soon-to-be-grumpy-daddy that he could still share his love of rugby with the one little rugger he had left - our daughter.  Well, she does LOVE rugby.  She loves all aspects of it - tackling, running down boys bigger than her and trying to (and often succeeding in) taking them down, learning the defense... you name it - she seems to just eat it up.

This morning she was so excited about it being a rugby pratice day, I just had to snap a picture.  My daughter is my husband's son... when it comes to rugby.

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