Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ooooh, OOOooooh - Mail!!

I don't know if I have ever been so excited by the idea of mail.  Maybe as a child- especially when my grandmother would send me a new post mark or when a package came from my Aunt Buffy.  But right now, I am exstatic about the idea of a couple of boxes actually arriving here.

Let me give you a little bit of back story.

In December 2012, my mother mailed two boxes to me.  Previously my husband had received packages here in Malaysia with no problem - some from me, some from his family.  The only hitch he ever encountered was the customs bill.  Otherwise - it has been no problem.  However, in the case of my two boxes... they never arrived.  When I inquired with my mother about them in late December/early January, as I had allowed some extra time for holiday shipping, she responded with the tracking numbers.  So - onto USPS.com I went to track the packages.  What did my little eyes see?  The address could not be confirmed and they were being sent back to the US.  WHAT???  I quickly started in with phone calls, emails, more phone calls...  Things weren't simple.  First there was the language barriers.  Most personnel I first talked with were a bit hard to understand.  I had only been in country about a month and my Bahasa Malay was nil.  They personnel on the other end of the line were very helpul though - would call over someone who spoke English a bit clearer for my benefit.  They gave me numbers and names to call, email addresses to send info to... all to no avail.  The packages were already on their way back to the US. 

Well - January came and went.  The tracking status still said the packages were being returned.  February came and went.  The tracking status still said the packages were being returned.  March came.... Finally, the packages appeared in Nebraska.  Battered.  Beaten.  Almost softened spheres instead of boxes.   My mom, the trooper she is, said everything was there and that she was re-boxing and sending the boxes again. 

This time though - she put the hubby's name on the boxes.  His packages seem to have no problem getting through the guards at our building.  Additionally, I am now tracking their every move.  Not just sitting back and waiting.  I will know when the arrive in country and will hound everyone about my packages every day.  (Well, maybe not hound, but they will know that I am here, am expecting the boxes and that this is a real address to deliver to.)

The thing is - I have new shoes in those boxes.  Now, I am not a shoe freak.  It is just that I have yet to find even one store that has shoes in my size for women.  Shoe shopping is one thing I will do when I return home. 

I have new bras in the boxes.  Again - I have yet to find a shop that makes beautiful holders for my womanhood.  So, bra and shoe shopping is on my return agenda.

I have new dresses in the boxes.  There is tropical weather here and I know I will love these dresses and wanted them a few months ago. 

The kids have items in the boxes, too. 

Just knowing they are on their way is SOOOOO exciting to me.  I am having a hard time getting to sleep each night.  I will be so very appreciative when these boxes arrive. 

However, if we have any problems this time.... I will cry.

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